Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Happy November, everyone! I still can't believe that there are only 2 more months in 2011. It seems like it was June, like yesterday. Oh, where does the time go?

So a while back I posted about needing a change...and I said that change was yoga. Well, I went to a yoga class the weekend following the post and I forgot how much I love doing yoga in a setting like that! Trying to yoga it up at home is too hard sometimes for various reasons. Sometimes I need the motivation of a yoga instructor and several other yoga students.

I just realized I have various free passes for yoga classes - 5 classes to be exact. I am so pumped! They are all at different studios (which is a bummer...I feel like I am cheating on my hometown yoga studio...but free is free...) so I am looking forward to doing more of this:

{photo via}

In other news...over the last two weeks there have been 4 incidents of a flasher on the greenway trail I run on! (link is the the news story...not a photo of a flasher. Sorry if anyone is disappointed by this) Yikes! I do often run alone (mostly because I can't find anyone to go with me) and since I was planning on a run today - I went and bought pepper spray during lunch. Hopefully my runners scowl (which I need to practice because I am really bad at looking mean) and my pepper spray will deter any flashers today. (Mostly I hope this was just a guy who lost a bet and this flashing business stops).

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