Friday, October 14, 2011

computer on the fritz

I am so bummed. My computer at home apparently has a virus of some sort {although I am not 100% sure about this - this is just going by what the guy at Intrex told me over the phone}.

Anyhow, I can't get onto the internet {my computer isn't even recognizing any IP addresses, weird} and I can't even run my anti-virus software {not a good sign}. Needless to say, I am uber bummed about my computer situation. Blog posts will probably be less frequent as a result.

Sometimes I dislike technology so much, even though we have come to pretty much depend on it. Sometimes I long for the pre-computer days of hand-written letters... {yeah, I know what you are thinking...what a nerd!}

Looks like this weekend I will be feverishly trying to fix my computer myself before breaking down and taking it somewhere. Although I am going out for Chinese food tonight and a corn maze after, so the weekend isn't a total bust.

I hope your weekend is super fun and you have no technology-related issues! : )

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